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How to renovate your local basketball court

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Learn step by step everything you need to know to transform your local basketball courts, from initial concept, to fundraising, to launch!

Do You Want to Transform Your Local Basketball Courts?

Right now, are you:

  • Living in an area with no basketball courts that you can be proud of?
  • Aware of local spaces that would be perfect for a basketball court?
  • Fed up of having courts that are in a state of disrepair?
  • Looking for a way to give back to your local basketball community?

We've been there. So, we took it upon ourselves to transform a basketball court in South London, Clapham Common. It took three years, and with the launch taking place in November 2021, we're now ready to release, step by step, everything we did to get it over the line.


The steps of this guide hold the precise action we took to create the best outdoor basketball courts in the country.

The 14 steps to renovate your local basketball court are:

1) Work out what you want to do
2) Identify the courts and/or space
3) Identify the stakeholders & viability
4) Get your organisation and financials in order
5) Look for partnerships
6) Put together your pitch deck
7) Raising the funds
8) Getting press
9) Formalising agreements
10) Security considerations
11) Document the process
12) Plan a launch
13) Monitoring & evaluation
14) Creating a community

Each section is detailed and easy to follow, with some chapters split into subsections to make things even easier to digest.

Are Your Ready to Transform Your Basketball Courts?

Start your journey to transform your local courts now by clicking the "I want this!" button now. Pay what you like for the digital copy (it's FREE), or £9.99 for a physical copy and enjoy!

Any financial contributions go towards the Hoopsfix Foundation to be re-invested back into growing the game in the UK.

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How to renovate your local basketball court

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